Barcelona Digital Talent is a partnership formed by a network of players from the digital ecosystem that fosters the creation and attraction of digital talent.

The demand for digital profiles in Barcelona has risen by around 40% in the past year, whereas the supply of professionals available has only increased by 7.6%. Barcelona Digital Talent tackles this digital talent gap in the city.

Digital skills

The boom in new technologies will have an impact on the demand for new professionals. In 2022, the five main technologies entering the market will be big data, app and web enabled markets, the internet of things, machine learning and cloud computing.

Training in new skills is key to dealing with today’s talent challenge. Over the coming 3 years, future professionals will be linked to technological advances and process automation.

Work in Barcelona

Barcelona is the 5th startup hub in Europe in terms of investment. Its business and innovation ecosystem attracts national and international ICT talent looking for opportunities in the digital sector.  30% of these professionals in Barcelona is talent imported from cities such as Madrid or London.

Barcelona Digital Talent promotes activities to attract talent in order to boost competitiveness and the growth of the digital ecosystem in the city. The wide range of training activities in new technologies and the rise in new training centres, such as code academies or bootcamps, in Barcelona encourages the creation and attraction of new digital talent.

Connect with the digital ecosystem

Barcelona Digital Talent works in different strategic areas to promote the development of new digital skills. These activities have an impact both nationwide and internationally, and connect businesses, training centres, and professionals.

Digital Talent Overview 2019

The Digital Talent Overview 2019 report provides an analysis of the digital talent ecosystem in Barcelona and Europe. The document shows the global trends around digital talent, the skills of the future digital professional, and the technologies that are to have an impact on the ecosystem as a result of an increase in technology-based businesses.