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10 ways to build professional relationships online and offline (I)


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Networking today is about establishing meaningful relationships. These might be useful to find job opportunities and potential clients, to pursue learning opportunities through mentorship, or to find like-minded people. In our increasingly connected world, networking becomes a lot easier. Here there are some tips for building meaningful professional relationships.


  1. Make the most of your LinkedIn profile. Add as much significant information as you can on it, but try to be selective. This information will help link you to similar people in your field. Update your profile description and try to connect up likeminded people by searching for new contacts.


  1. Join an online community. Where better to connect with other like-minded peers than in the digital sphere? The digital space is booming with online communities like hacker news, product hunt, and a number of communities on Reddit like Technology, Geek, Blockchain, and much more. Find the one that suits you, sign up and become an active member.


  1. Engage in online conversations. Build your online presence by finding topics of your interest (big data, IA, etc.) and get involved in the conversation. Write comments on other’s posts and articles wherever possible—it’ll help you remain connected and boost your online positioning. Look for commonality among the people you follow and take advantage of it by interacting on these topics.


  1. Get strategic on social media. Consider your online profiles—Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter— differently and try to develop individualized strategies for each one according to their possibilities.


  1. Share meaningful information. People follow those who regularly provide valuable information. Stay informed on what’s new on your field by reviewing different reliable sources. Then try to understand how words, images, ideas affect other’s emotions and stimulate their senses.