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10 ways to build professional relationships online and offline (II)


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This article is part II of “Ten ways to build professional relationships online and offline. If you missed the first part, click here.


6. Promote others. The best way to get more referrals is to give more referrals. Talk about other people’s businesses whenever the opportunity arises. The more you promote others, the more attention you attract.


7. Cultivate an email list. It might seem old and cold, but email is still a powerful way to connect to others. First, search for new contacts through Clearbit, Hunter and others. Then, be sure you send a smart email. Instead of just selling yourself, suggest collaborations that may benefit the both of you. And If you haven’t, optimize your email signature with links to your social media and website.


8.Attend local events.Even in this increasingly online world, the most profound connections are the ones made in person. Offline networking events are still popular—and better-organized, thanks to technology. If you’re interested in meeting like-minded people, platforms such as Meetup, Eventbrite, Facebook Events can be helpful.


9. Spend time doing what you love. The healthiest relationships are always built organically. Devote time pursuing your hobbies (whether they’re work-related or not). Do you love prototyping? Attend a workshop. This will enable you to meet new people and create strong connections, both personally and professionally.


10. Invite online contacts offline.Conferences, exhibitions, fairs. These are great opportunities to meet face to face with online connections. Even if you have been communicating for a long time, this will undoubtedly strengthen your relationship.


Online and offline networking is not an either/or situation; they complement each other. Also, remember that professional relationships are just like other relationships—if no effort is made to maintain them, there will be little incentive to do so on the other side.