About the initiative

Barcelona Digital Talent promotes the competitiveness of the market by working to reduce the current gap in digital talent.

With the goal of positioning Barcelona as a talent capital, the program promotes professionals’ reskilling in digital competences and seeks to attract new professionals in the market both locally and internationally.

Traditional professions are evolving towards digital professions

By 2025, 50% of today’s professions will cease to exist as we know them. The economy’s evolution towards digital models has sped up the demand for new professional profiles, which poses a new challenge to the job market.


We want to rise to this talent challenge because our future – and our present – are digital. Barcelona, as a benchmark city in professional training and one of the leading innovation hubs in Europe, offers outstanding job opportunities to develop and promote the employability of new digital talent.

Whom do we connect with

We target the professional community and anyone keenly interested in rising to the challenge of digital talent to promote market competitiveness.

Professionals interested in acquiring new digital competencies and developing their career:

  • Non-digital professionals
  • Digital talent
  • International professionals

Entities that need to hire new digital talent and grapple with new transformation processes:

  • Innovation hubs
  • Tech suppliers
  • Startups
  • Corporations

Educational organizations that promote digital and tech training aligned with market needs:

  • Universities
  • Code academies
  • Vocational training schools
  • Business schools


Discover the benefits of being a partner

Discover the benefits of being a partner