We deal with the digital talent gap

We deal with the digital talent gap

Bringing in new digital talent to promote market competitiveness

We are experiencing a digital revolution marked by integrating technology into the social and economic environment. Business models and the industry are changing. Consequently, the market requires new digital professionals with the skills to adapt to the technological reality of the moment.


Digital talent is one of the main drivers of competitiveness in global economies and markets. That is why we are promoting establishing a network of top-level professionals that will consolidate Barcelona as one of the leading European technology hubs.

We transform the future of digital talent

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Whom do we connect with

We target the professional community and anyone keenly interested in rising to the challenge of digital talent to promote market competitiveness.

Professionals interested in acquiring new digital competencies and developing their career:

  • Non-digital professionals
  • Digital talent
  • International professionals

Entities that need to hire new digital talent and grapple with new transformation processes:

  • Innovation hubs
  • Tech suppliers
  • Startups
  • Corporations

Educational organizations that promote digital and tech training aligned with market needs:

  • Universities
  • Code academies
  • Vocational training schools
  • Business schools
Corporate partners
Training partners