About the initiative

Barcelona Digital Talent is a partnership that lines up the needs of businesses with the initiatives of digital talent, promoting the development of new digital skills and placing Barcelona as a world capital of digital talent.

  • Placing Barcelona as the world capital of digital talent
  • Promoting training in digital skills to close the digital gap
  • Connecting businesses and training centres with new talent to meet the demands of the digital market

Why tackle this need?

The digital transformation of the economy increases the demand for digital talent to cover current and future vacancies linked to the technologies of the 4th industrial revolution.

By 2020, more than one million digital professionals will be needed in Europe. Barcelona Digital Talent is a partnership to promote the creation and attraction of the new digital talent that the market demands. As an innovative city, Barcelona responds to this demand and works on training professionals in digital skills.

In the city, the demand for digital profiles has risen by around 40% in the past year, whereas the supply of digital profiles available has only increased by 7.6%. Barcelona Digital Talent seeks to close this digital talent gap in the city.

How we do it?

  • Encouraging the re-training of non-technological talent

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  • Attracting national and international talent to Barcelona

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  • Training in the new skills required by the digital market

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  • Making decisions based on data intelligence

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The target audience of the partnership

Barcelona Digital Talent connects with the players involved in the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Barcelona.


Entities sensitive to the attraction of talent with digital skills:

  • Innovation Hubs
  • Technology providers
  • Startups
  • Corporations


Professionals interested in acquiring digital skills and developing their career around future technologies and professions.

  • Reskilling: professionals being trained for the first time in digital skills
  • Upskilling: professionals from the technology and digital sector reinforcing their knowledge of an emerging technology
  • International: professionals interested in working in Barcelona because of its innovation ecosystem

Training centres

Educational organisations at the forefront of developing a training plan in line with the new demands of the digital market. The initiative will encourage the creation of training programmes related to the digital sector.

  • Universities
  • Code Academies
  • Professional training centres
  • Business schools


Barcelona Digital Talent is a partnership promoted by players in the business ecosystem: