Feb 18, 2021 - Feb 18, 2021
10:00H - 13:00H
In this workshop, we’ll discover that the Cloud is way more than any of us realise, and the fact that it’s offering major job opportunities in both development and applications. We will also explore interactive tools that reveal its potential and examine the most highly valued skills in this field.

Topics of the workshop on the Cloud:

  • What the Cloud is and isn’t, and how it’s related to Big Data

  • Data on the Cloud, people and the gender perspective

  • Examples of interactive uses of Artificial Intelligence

  • The leading services and companies working in the Cloud

This orientation workshop will start with an introduction to the current status of the digital ecosystem, in which we will summarise the main jobs and their associated skills, as well as the development and characteristics of this world in Catalonia and Spain. This introduction is geared at debunking myths on the sector and understanding the challenges it is posing in terms of economics, society and equality.

Time will be set aside at the end of the workshop for participants to talk with the trainer, to debate and ask any questions about the topic.

Workshop delivered in Catalan.
Joan Gasull
Joan Gasull
Data scientist and technology trainer at Netmind

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