Master’s Degree in Data Science: Data Science Program
Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
This course prepares students to design and build data-based systems for taking decisions, providing exhaustive training in predictive, descriptive and prescriptive analysis. The syllabus takes students through modelling and theory through to computational practices and cutting-edge tools.
  • Data Science students’ backgrounds are generally related to economics, business and other quantitative subjects. As a rule, they have a solid grounding in things economic, are highly interested in quantitative methods and want to work in real-world problems and data.
  • Programming professionals and aspiring PhD students that wish to acquire analytical and quantitative tools will also benefit from GSE de Barcelona’s Data Science Program. The students have to attend two refresher courses in September. Students that can prove that they have already attended a sufficient number of courses may be exempted.
Language: English
Price: €€€€€
Modality: In-person
Training type: Official
Lesson times: Full Time
Start date:
  • September
Duration: 32 weeks
About the school:

The Barcelona Graduate School of Economics is an independent postgraduate research and training institution in Barcelona, Spain.