CRM & ERP: the narrative which turns customer challenges into innovative solutions

SAP’s CRM and ERP experts tap the full potential of the customer’s context to design ...
Tags: 'CRM & ERP Consultant' 'Digital professions' 'Work in Barcelona'

UX/UI, the ideal blend for launching successful digital apps

Glovo addresses the balance between logic and creativity in the shape of innovative digital solutions ...
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Backend Development to drive future business relationships

Ocado Technology launches new digital payment methods and uses its Backend Development talent to turn ...
Tags: 'Digital professions' 'Web Development' 'Work in Barcelona'

Web/App development to drive new digital services

Adevinta Spain launches Milanuncios Express to handle transactions between buyers and sellers from the parent ...
Tags: 'App Development' 'Digital professions' 'Web Development' 'Work in Barcelona'

Business data which optimises decision making

SUEZ Spain runs COVID-19 City Sentinel, a global solution for monitoring the virus in wastewater
Tags: 'Business Intelligence' 'Digital professions' 'Work in Barcelona'

Data analytics makes it possible to build a predictive model for the spread of Covid-19

Predicting the future in the lab to protect the present in real life; the i2CAT ...
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Web development as a key tool in process automation

Backend tools allow SEAT to lead one of the most efficient supply chain projects in ...
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Filtering useful information from among millions of data using data analytics

Data analytics helps Bayer to optimise its digital accounting processes
Tags: 'Big Data' 'Digital professions' 'Work in Barcelona'

Artificial intelligence now means you can take out insurance “with your face”

Zurich has created AZUL, the virtual assistant which calculates the cost of your life insurance ...
Tags: 'Artificial intelligence' 'Digital professions' 'Work in Barcelona'

Big data for remote patient care

Today, more than ever, data can save our lives. The ehCOSRemoteHealth virtual platform from Everis ...
Tags: 'Big Data' 'Digital professions' 'Work in Barcelona'

Tomorrow’s classrooms are built in “clouds”

Ironhack is reinventing its curriculum in the new situation with accessible and 100% online learning ...
Tags: 'Cloud' 'Digital professions' 'Work in Barcelona'

App Development as a driver of new business opportunities

CaixaBank’s digital talent in App Development turns current barriers into new services which help small ...
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