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Web/App development to drive new digital services

Adevinta Spain launches Milanuncios Express to handle transactions between buyers and sellers from the parent platform Milanuncios.

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Xavier Juan Serrador, a software engineer at Adevinta Spain, has led the project.

Web/App development profiles have turned Milanuncios Express into a successful service. What are these digital disciplines about?

Web/App development builds the digital platforms we use on our digital devices.

Web/App development is about the procedures for developing or enhancing digital features to bring more complete services to users. Although the two areas work together, their approaches differ depending on their user interaction objective: Web Development targets websites to be viewed on a desktop computer or mobile device, while App Development is not exactly about adapting existing websites to a mobile environment but rather about creating ad hoc platforms for these devices.

How have you harnessed Web/App development’s potential in the Milanuncios Express project to address the needs which have emerged in the pandemic? What was the design process like?

Web/App Development combines the building blocks of several professional disciplines.

At Adevinta we are organised into teams made up of various profiles (web developers, UX specialists, frontend experts, etc.) in order to think up new ideas to meet the needs of our users, develop them and finally implement them in a totally autonomous way. We work on the basis of small successive tasks. It may seem simple, but reducing to a minimum in multidisciplinary teams makes for excellent synchronisation.

What is the biggest challenge the project has posed?

In the pandemic, the challenge has been to adapt remotely and quickly. Our unique working methodology, called PEAK (Prioritise, Empower, Align, Knowledge) and which encourages dialogue, communication and alignment of objectives between all members of the company, has paved the way.

Indeed, the pandemic has rewritten the way we communicate with users. How do you think the Web/App development areas will evolve in the coming months to accommodate the new context?

Both are digital disciplines which are continuously evolving. The present and the future will undoubtedly be shaped by the inclusion of machine learning (an area of artificial intelligence which creates systems and algorithms that learn automatically) as a core tool to deliver more personalised service to our users. In the case of my Milanuncios Express project team, it concerns refining ad recommendations to achieve the greatest impact.

To end with an aspirational message, what would you say to professionals who want to train and grow in Web/App development?

Web/App development are work areas with endless opportunities in many businesses and can teach you the basics of the new digital professions, since in the immediate future they will be extremely valuable in the digital talent market. You set the limits!