AI Programmer

The AI Programmers brings AI to life by building and implementing the algorithms designed by the AI Scientist. By tapping into their expertise in mathematics, AI Programmer designs and develops relevant software to enable interactions across robots and systems.

Communication is another fundamental skill for the AI Programmer. In some cases, AI Programmer needs to work with different fields (e.g. electrical engineers) to achieve the desired outcome.

In this capacity, the AI Programmer elaborates the integrations with systems and devices. This includes the ability to modify and change data. Another critical function is enacting processes for acquiring data with the actuators to execute changes in the environment.

Solve problems by

  • Developing AI algorithms
  • Creating loops that enable learning and self-training of data
  • Building integrations with corporate and operational systems
  • Train your skills

  • Development in R, Python, SCALA, etc.
  • Development in C/C++
  • Development in REST and SOAP integrations
  • Design and deployment in highly efficient architecture
  • Companies looking for digital talent