Android Developer

Android is not just an operating system but a complete software platform. Its core framework is mostly for mobile devices. As an Android developer, you possess knowledge of cross-platform development and are aware of the specifics of Android and the different implementations in the market.

You should understand the different mechanisms of application distribution and push notification systems and be familiar with applications in Android for cameras, Bluetooth, GPS, and other functional uses. Familiarity developing in Java, JavaScript and C / C ++ languages ​​as well as languages ​​such as PHP and Ruby for server developments is a must.

Solve problems by

  • Designing an application interfaces and logic of application
  • Developing code in applications and testing
  • Modifying configurations and creation of distributable application packages
  • Designing and developing of secure online services
  • Supporting applications and management of the user’s data
  • Train your skills

  • Coding languages including Java, JavaScript, Angular, C#
  • Configuration and use of frameworks (PhoneGap, Xamarin, Ionic)
  • HTML, CSS, SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Authentication protocols (OpenID, OAuth) interfaces, web services, REST API and encrypted systems.
  • Deployment of mobile applications, push notifications
  • Programming mobile devices (camera, Bluetooth, GPS…)
  • Companies looking for digital talent