API Developer

The API Developer is responsible for expanding business functions in API form, enabling the support systems to achieve scalability. The API Developer establishes the rules for accessing the API as well as how it is used. In this capacity, they are involved in the creation and documentation of the API program.

In establishing the rules of access, one of the principal functions involves ensuring the security of the user and the organization. Security is achieved through the development of the authentication and authorization of access to the services and data.

As an API Developer, you embrace new ways to develop new business functions as well as combining existing features that yield new value.

Solve problems by

  • Designing applications using business logic
  • Providing documentation and publishing of APIs
  • Improving security logic
  • Developing code for testing and deployment
  • Train your skills

  • Design API functions in REST and web services
  • Analysis of business processes and orchestration
  • Knowledge in methods of authentication and authorization
  • Ability to provide support to users
  • Component documentation
  • Companies looking for digital talent