Backend Developer

The Backend Developer is the “behind the scenes” expert powering the web. By working with the Frontend, Backend Developers develop business functions to deliver the final product to the end user.

As a Backend Developer, you must be familiar with the mechanisms used to access databases, as well as third-party services used for managing web sessions (i.e. authentication of users and authorization).

A Backend Developer is well versed in different languages from Java (J2EE, Spring, Springboot) to services like Node, PHP, Python, Ruby, and so on. By applying their skills, Backend Developers coordinate with frontend developers and gateway administrators to maximize the development of functionalities.


Solve problems by

  • Analyzing business requirements and proposing solutions
  • Designing the solution of the architecture and measuring results
  • Designing and developing the components, services, classes andJava libraries
  • Creating and executing automatic tests of the components
  • Designing, creating, and modifying SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Creating scripts for the deployment and configuration of components
  • Train your skills

  • Cloud and Web Systems Architecture (e.g. Cloud Native Architecture)
  • Coding in different language environments (e.g. Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Perl, etc.)
  • How to configure and use developer frameworks
  • HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, and AJAX
  • The configuration of server applications
  • How to manipulate SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Companies looking for digital talent