Computer Vision Engineer

Computer Vision Engineers have a unique skill set to help bring recognition systems to life. They are problem solvers, capable of creating systems that allow analyzing and identifying a subject through images and videos.

In processing images, a Computer Vision Engineer relies on algorithms to detect individuals or objects. By compressing images together, a Computer Vision Engineer can develop systems that provide analysis of videos as well as an analysis of actions.

A strong candidate will know how to create recognition systems following compliances with the requirements for data security and privacy. There are many exciting opportunities for an engineer in this field. From handwriting recognition, gesture detection, and medical imagining to surveillance and autonomous driving, a Computer Vision Engineer shapes cognitive technologies to move businesses and societies forward.

Solve problems by

  • How to build and deploy image and video recognition systems
  • Knowledge in corporate systems and integration methods
  • Development and analysis in privacy protection systems and data management
  • Entrena tus habilidades

  • Cómo crear e implementar sistemas de reconocimiento mediante imagen y vídeo
  • Conocimientos sobre sistemas corporativos y métodos de integración
  • Desarrollo y análisis de sistemas de protección de la privacidad y gestión de datos
  • Empresas que buscan talento digital