Data Analyst

As data takes a more significant role in the decision-making process, the Data Analyst influences the success metrics and the questions that should be explored to support the growth of a business.

A Data Analyst uses stored data to its advantage, creating useful reports and dashboards for an organization. This includes data instrumentation, dashboard/report building, metrics reviews, inform channel investments, guidance on success/failure metrics and ad hoc analysis.

As a Data Analyst, you will work with product managers, technical program managers, engineers, and organizational leadership in defining and securing the objectives of an organization.

Solve problems by

  • Designing and building data and analytic models
  • Data modelling
  • Designing and adapting the administration of storing systems as well as the vehicles for analytical execution.
  • Designing, building and operating the management systems of the master data.
  • Train your skills

  • Corporate data modeling
  • Data management systems (SQL, NoSQL)
  • Modern analytical and storage systems (Hadoop, Spark, Python, Scala, R)
  • MDM systems (management of master data)
  • Data security and data encoding
  • Companies looking for digital talent