DevOps Engineer

The DevOps engineer is responsible for improving infrastructure in the cloud required by the business. The overarching function for a DevOps Engineer is to develop and modify processes and scripts. This includes the deployment of software in the cloud for automatized processes and maintaining the inventory of existing resources.

Within an agile team, the DevOps Engineer implements the processes and manages infrastructure as required by the developers. This includes the components designed by the architect to support the requirements and maintain efficiency, scalability, and availability.

A DevOps Engineer is more than a component within an Agile team; they specialize in the management, operation, and configuration of the infrastructure.

Solve problems by

  • Choosing cloud resources and scripts creation for the deploymentand automatic configuration (software defined infrastructure)
  • Monitoring administrative processes and resource operations through scripts and code.
  • Continuous prioritization of functionalities being developed
  • Applying Agile (Scrum) mechanisms, ceremonies, and contraptions
  • Train your skills

  • Maven, .NET, Jenkins, Nexus, Git and processes within DevOps framework
  • Ability to work in teams while assuming individual responsibility
  • Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Terraform, Packer
  • Integration in static systems testing (Sonar), as well as functional, unitary, and performance testing.
  • Skills script configuration and network infrastructure, computation, and storage
  • Companies looking for digital talent