Graphic Designer

As a UI/UX Graphic Designer, you hone your craft by using visual elements to evoke and inspire emotions and responses. In this capacity, a graphic designer is responsible for the creation of style guidelines in the interface of a system (e.g. distribution of components, colors, fonts, images, icons, etc.)

You are responsible for the design of all the graphic components in a system. From defining prototypes and templates in the system being implemented by the developers. These templates will be displayed in HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS as well as style documents.

You are also responsible to give interfaces unity in design and order.

Solve problems by

  • Designing and developing system components
  • Building templates for HTML and CSS
  • Designing of icons, frames, and other interface elements
  • Train your skills

  • Digital graphic design
  • HTML and CSS development
  • HTML and CSS development
  • Companies looking for digital talent