iOS Developer

iOS is the operating system for all Apple devices, from iPhones to iPads. As an IOS developer, you are familiar with developing products across a range of platforms.

This includes designing around the specifies of iOS, especially in user experience environment, and having a strong familiarity with Apple devices and their capabilities. From the processes of registration to certification and distribution of applications, your role involves applying your knowledge of programming languages (C / C ++, Objective-C, Swift XCODE) to make products within the Apple environment.

Solve problems by

  • Designing application interfaces and logic of the application
  • Developing code in applications and testing
  • Modifying configurations and creations of distributable application packages
  • Designing and developing secure online services
  • Supporting applications and management of the user’s data
  • Train your skills

  • Programming languages and platforms including Java, JavaScript, Objective-C, Swift, Angular, C#
  • Configuration and use of frameworks (PhoneGap, Xamarin, Ionic)
  • HTML, CSS, SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Authentication protocols (OpenID, OAuth) interfaces, web services, REST API and encrypted systems.
  • Product deployment of mobile applications, push notifications
  • Programming for mobile devices (camera, Bluetooth, GPS…)
  • Companies looking for digital talent