IoT Full Stack Developer

An IoT Full Stack Developer combines their knowledge in Front End (i.e. HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and Back End (i.e. Python, Java, PHP) Development with their expertise in IoT. This includes, for instance, firmware systems, networking protocol, and sensors. In essence, an IoT Full Stack Developer connects the dots by connecting objects through IoT networks.

In this capacity, the Full Stack Developer is familiar with the formulas and systems for gathering and collecting data. From IoT to the representation of data through maps and schemes. From connecting sensors and micro-controllers, to implementing IoT Service platforms, the IoT Full Stack Developer transforms ordinary into extraordinary by connecting objects to the internet without a human to human or human to machine interactions.

Solve problems by

  • Developing software for IoT devices
  • Deploying software in field
  • Managing of deployed systems
  • Developing and modifying systems presenting data
  • Building and operating API for publishing data
  • Train your skills

  • C/C++ programming in built-in devices
  • Python programming
  • Knowledge in IoT and server management systems (MQTT and other protocols)
  • Development in API Rest
  • WEB Development
  • Companies looking for digital talent