IT Security Engineer

IT Security Engineers have strong technical skills across a range of technologies and processes. IT Security Engineers are also passionate about the infrastructure they create. They shield organizations from internal and external attacks by continuously screening vulnerabilities (e.g. administrator passwords, access ports to systems, isolation of environments, data encryption).

The overarching aim for an IT Security Engineer is to safeguard the data by providing secure processes. This is achieved either by firewalls, ethical hacking, anti-malware software, encryption technologies, networking routing methods, and so on. By combining their knowledge and skills, IT Security Engineers become one of the most sought after professions by many organizations.

Solve problems by

  • Designing, building, and administering the architecture of security and storing of data.
  • Configuring the tools enforcing the SO and software used in the systems.
  • Searching for vulnerabilities through systems analysis
  • Train your skills

  • Design and systems architecture
  • How to modify operating systems and user authentication and authorization (LDAP, AD…)
  • Encryption systems and storing for communications
  • Data protection
  • Implementation processes and protection before breakdowns and service recovery.
  • Companies looking for digital talent