Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning is the brains behind the technologies of AI. Today, Machine Learning is used for a number of important functions that range from sales forecasting, segment analysis, and claim fraud detection.

As a Machine Learning Engineer, you will be responsible for the design, deployment, and support of AI processes. Some of the responsibilities of the Machine Learning Engineer include:

  • Acquisition of data

  • The execution systems and analytical algorithms

  • The integration of analytical methods in the business process

  • Adapting and retraining of AI systems

In working with AI technologies, you should also be familiar with the best systems, from on-premise deployment to Edge computing. Another function involves using the cloud for the execution of AI algorithms, as well as training and retraining environments.

Solve problems by

  • Building hybrid architectures (cloud, on-premise, Edge) forthe execution of systems.
  • Developing data acquisition systems for the training and re-trainingof systems.
  • Train your skills

  • How to build hybrid architectures (cloud, on-premise, and Edge) for the executionof systems.
  • Development in data acquisition systems for training and retraining systems
  • Companies looking for digital talent