Mean Web Developer

The MEAN Web Developer is the “full package” when it comes to JavaScript web development. MEAN refers to Mongo, Express, Angular, and Node as these are the principal components for a typical web infrastructure.

MEAN is often deployed as a form of DevOps component within Agile teams. The main responsibility for the MEAN Web Developer is to develop functions within the business in the form of an API and provide the systems to support and scale for the development into services for consumers.

The MEAN Web Developer is responsible for creating functions, as well as testing the interfaces for the users and consumers who use the API in Angular. They also build the scripts for the deployment and operation.

The MEAN Web Developer should construct data models and their operations, the authentication and authorization of access in a secure manner for the services being offered

Solve problems by

  • Gaining skills in JavaScript, from Frontend and Angular to the Backend in Node, Express
  • Configuring and developing NoSQL databases (MongoDB)
  • Creating and testing code for enterprises
  • Building scripts and software components
  • Building processes for integration and deployment.
  • Designing interfaces for user and components based on AJAX
  • Train your skills

  • JavaScript Development (Node, Express, and Angular)
  • NoSQL databases (MongoDB)
  • Testing applications, interfaces, systems
  • Use of Git, Jenkins, and Ansible for deploying components
  • Software component configuration (web servers, app servers, databases)
  • Deployment functions in dockers
  • Companies looking for digital talent