Product Designer

Back in the day, product design was used only in relation to building something material and often found in a retail store. Today, product design often refers to digital products, such as apps and websites.

A Product Designer’s greatest asset lies in its ability to make “features”. Product design is the process of identifying a market opportunity by clearly defining the problem and developing a proper solution for that problem and validating the solution with real users.

As a Product Designer, you are familiar with design thinking process as a method to define the problems, address users, and develop solutions that solve the problem you are looking to solve. Here you encompass a range of skills that include, user research, market research, analysis, ideation, design, and testing.

Solve problems by

  • Designing and creating prototypes
  • Developing style guidelines and patterns of development
  • Defining modules and product components
  • Train your skills

  • Systems architecture
  • Design of systems and processes
  • User interfaces
  • Infrastructure specifications
  • Companies looking for digital talent