Product Owner

From applying soft and multidisciplinary skills, the Product Owner embraces agile technologies to lead teams in the development of new software products. The Product Owner is responsible for translating the objectives of a business to the team and translating that into actionable solutions that can be delivered continuously.

The Product Owner is responsible for the financial management of the project, clearly prioritizing the functionalities that deliver the most significant benefit with the least costs to the organization.

The Product Owner is a critical player in Scrum process. They are involved in the day to day developments, providing their vision to the business along with the metrics required to gauge the success of the solution.

Solve problems by

  • Addressing the needs of the business and present the requirementsof the system.
  • Presenting the various deliverables and release developed software
  • Continuous prioritization of the functionalities to be developed
  • Managing the finances of the developed product.
  • Train your skills

  • Scrum and Kanban methodologies
  • Communication skills and capacities in defining the needs of the business
  • Meeting facilitators
  • Financial management of projects
  • Knowledge in task management
  • Companies looking for digital talent