Security Analyst

The Security Analyst covers many aspects of IT Security, ideal for those with analytical skills who can get deep into technical and legal details. As a security analyst, you will be responsible for searching, analyzing and evaluating vulnerabilities in the system.

A passion for understanding how systems or rules work at a deep level is important. This is because when a problem occurs, a Security Analyst will need to figure out what happened but will also need to explain it to others who lack the requisite understanding.

Security analysts should be continuously updated of the attacks and vulnerabilities existing in the network, such as detecting attack and infection vectors and establishing the risks they represent for the organization.

Solve problems by

  • Screening for vulnerabilities in the systems of the organization.
  • Gauging risks in the infrastructure of the organization.
  • Enacting detection measures and countermeasures of vectors of attack.
  • Train your skills

  • Systems architecture and design of the architecture and security of applications
  • Encryption systems and data from storing to communications
  • Data protection
  • Knowledge of implementation processes and protection before breakdownsand service recovery.
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