API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) make accessing and sharing data across systems easy and secure. Why is everyone talking about API’s? Because they give you the power to create and modify software created by others for your own purposes. In giving you the power to overwrite existing software, API’s facilitate the creation of web services without having to write code from scratch. Ever wonder why you can sync files across devices? Or how Instagram displays your favorite songs from Spotify? That’s the API at work.

The development of API’s of systems allows: the separation of user interfaces based on business logic, the development of multi interface and supply services of others systems within the organization. Based on the API, you can decouple layers and components of an application and facilitate the system scaling and distribution through multitude of systems, technologies and cloud suppliers.

The design of the application is based on API facilitated by the work in parallel with the different teams reducing the dependencies of different modules and systems.

A challenge from the digital ecosystem

The development of API’s facilitate the creation of scalable systems and their ability to integrate different systems to provide greater functionality.

Based on the composition that API provides to organizations they can construct systems reutilizing other systems and easily delegating tasks to other systems and organizations.
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