Business intelligence

In today’s fast-paced world, Business Intelligence is needed now more than ever. Business Intelligence is not just about improving decision-making but also accelerating it to optimize business processes and make organizations more efficient to drive growth.

Business intelligence is the art of making informed business decisions to scale and grow your business. It’s what allows turning raw data into meaningful and useful information into the kind of insights that drive strategic and tactical decision-making. By embracing a wide and comprehensive set of technologies, tools, and methodologies, Business Intelligence can serve to create new knowledge and new ways of thinking. This also includes compliance, as business intelligence systems are responsible for the quality of the organization’s data and the management and protection regulations of these (e.g. GDPR).

A challenge from the digital ecosystem

Obtaining business information based on analysis and filtering of data from business operations in a rapid manner in with quality guaranteed towards data necessary to be able to make quick and effective decisions.

The distribution and publishing data systems as well as the creation of common metrics of the entire organization facilitate the establishment of metrics for the entire organization.
Being an entrepreneur helped me figure out that I wanted to work in the digital sector