Cloud technologies have changed the name of the game. As data technologies experience exponential growth, organizations are looking for new ways to store their information and access them with ease. Given this challenge, companies are exploring new management tools and opting for innovative infrastructure services that allow users to access files through the web without the security risks and cost concerns of storing them on their server.

The management of cloud systems includes, among other tasks:

  • Design and configuration of cloud environments (security, communications, monitoring, administration)

  • Selection and certification of components and services.

  • Construction of templates for automatic operation.

  • Management of costs and consumption.

A challenge from the digital ecosystem

Cloud suppliers offer highly modern and competitive hardware and software components to be used without the need for high investments or lengthy implementation period.

The cloud provides access by sharing specialized resources. Along with its necessary administration, the cloud offers the company the ability to avoid the need for specialized skills. Saving this investment allows the company to adopt and replace technologies, reducing the time of return on the investment made when adopting new technologies.

The digital sector always has new opportunities for learning and work