Cybersecurity is an emerging field with many exciting opportunities. Whether you have years of experience in IT or just starting, the demand for cybersecurity professionals is growing, and fits people from all areas. As organizations become more digitized, opening up their environment for outside collaborators, the need to maintain safety and security of information becomes crucial.

A professional in cybersecurity addresses all data sources to make sure they are secured, both in active search of potential vulnerabilities and in the analysis of all detected attacks. Some of these tasks include:

  • Continuous review of risks and vulnerabilities.

  • Analysis of attacks and incidents.

  • Performing frequent security audits of own and third-party systems.

  • Design installation, configuration and operation of security elements of IT systems.

  • Design and implementation of data protection systems of organizations while they are being guarded by the organization or by third parties.

A challenge from the digital ecosystem

The management of secure logic should guarantee that a non-authorized third party is using no resource for the company.

The candidate should reduce the risk of data theft that could gravely damage the image of the company, as well as losing competitive factors. The same occurs with protection; in the case of a robbery, sabotage and kidnapping of systems, and the resources of an organization.