Web development

The internet is everywhere. It’s in our desktop, our tablets, our handheld devices and much more. But someone has to be responsible for making the internet accessible to people and society. Enter the Web Developer.

The Web Developer is a broad term that covers many roles but mainly specializes in the development of network applications, which usually run on HTTP based programming languages like HTML/CSS,  JavaScript, PHP, C#, Ruby, and more.

A Web Developer builds and maintains content for the web. They know how to install, configure, and customize Content Management Systems (CMS) and understand the layouts and publishing templates for the appropriate devices.

The Web Developer today also has an understanding of security, from knowing how to manage security systems to be able to configure security through authentication and authorizations of users to protect their data. The demand for Web Developers continues to rise, and there is no shortage of opportunities.

A challenge from the digital ecosystem

Make information easier across the different stakeholders by the digitizing process. Also, projects will aid in improving relations and reduce processing times between the various stakeholders.
Programming is like learning another language along with a dollop of mathematics and logic