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Land that gig by making a good first impression


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First impressions are important. While it only takes a few seconds for a person to decide whether they like you or not, it takes a lot of work to undo a negative opinion. When you’re a freelancer or a consultant whose income relies upon landing consistent work with potential clients, creating a great first impression is crucial. Consider these tips to make sure you nail it.


Show your client you respect them. Respond quickly and be punctual. Not only does it show that you value their time, but also that you are diligent and trustful.


Do your research and come prepared. You want to make clear you’re a smart and knowledgeable candidate. Although not expertise, you should have a basic understanding of your client’s products, services, market, etc.


Ask questions. Thoughtful, comprehensive, open-ended questions. They’ll help you uncover crucial information and will demonstrate interest and engagement.


Act as if they’re about to be your new favorite client. When embarking on a new project, you build a new relationship that needs to be treated carefully. Tell them how it works for working with you and considering them as more than someone you can do a transaction with.


Above all, remember that a good first impression isn’t just about impressing, but about engaging. Creating a great conversation is far more important than proving yourself. For this, pre-job interview small talks matter more than you might think.


By following these simple tips above, you’ll be much closer to make that noticeable and pleasant difference needed to land the gig.