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No, Artificial Intelligence won’t steal your job. Debunking myths about AI (Part II)


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This article is part II of “No, Artificial Intelligence Won’t Take Your Job: Debunking Myths About AI (Part I)”. If you missed the first part, click here.


Six: Robots and AI are the same thing


Even though there is a tendency to link AI and robotics, they are separate fields and serve very different purposes. Robotics refers to the technology behind the physical devices programmed to perform a fixed set of tasks autonomously, whereas, AI is the software built with algorithms to complete complex tasks. Most AI works in the unseen background (like Netflix recommendations), and not all robots are AI-powered.


Seven: AI requires large amounts of data


It’s true that more data is always better when it comes to artificial intelligence. However, depending on what task you intend to automate, certain AI frameworks are flexible enough to work with limited subsets of data.


Eight: AI is too difficult to adopt


Although no one doubts that AI is be a powerful tool, it still seems intimidating. However, sooner or later all organizations will have to consider if their business challenges can be solved by AI and what a strategy could look like for their team.


Nine: My business does not need AI strategy


AI is expected to have a significant impact on almost every industry. Every organization should consider the potential impact of AI on its strategy and investigate how this technology can be applied to their business problems. Even if the AI strategy is ‘no AI’, this should be a conscious decision based on research and consideration.


Ten: Only large companies with in-house IT teams can benefit from AI


A few years ago, organizations needed to employ a sophisticated internal IT team in order to build, customize, and implement an AI model. Not so today. Small-size companies interested in implementing AI can now consider contracting a third party to build and manage their automations instead of bringing on extra in-house support.


Understanding how technology and automation will impact your work a business is crucial. Debunking myths helps clarify the shifting nature of work, as well as highlighting the need of conscious decisions and strategies.