Talent and Tourism
Digital talent in the Travel Tech sector


The travel sector is already experiencing a digital revolution which is only predicted to heighten once the tourism sector reopens after the pandemic. If anything has become clear in this situation, it is the need to make headway in the digitalisation processes in both the productive sectors and the media and social relations. With the acceleration in digitalisation, the tech demand – to increase the speed, flexibility, confidence, security and value proposition of the tourism sector – will only increase.

ICT tourism has more than 5,000 active professionals with digital development competences working in Catalonia. This sector accounts for 7% of the digital professionals in Catalonia but only 1.5% of the job offers. Barcelona stands as the capital of digital talent as the home to almost 90% of the companies in the sector. The most in-demand positions in the Travel Tech sector are Frontend Developer and Backend Developer, with 19.59% and 22.04% of all the digital job offers published in this sector in the past 12 months.
"Digital technology is radically changing the bases of tourist businesses, generating opportunities to create new businesses while also exerting a great deal of pressure on current companies, which are being forced to adapt and innovative quickly and flexibly."
Dr. José Antonio Pérez-Aranda, Director of EU CETT-UB
Impact of Covid-19 on the demand for digital talent