Digital Talent Overview 2022
We analyse the development of digital talent gap in Europa, Catalonia and Barcelona


Check out the fourth edition of our report, promoted by Mobile World Capital, the Department of the Vice-Presidency and Digital and Territorial Policies of the Government of Catalonia
and the Cercle Tecnològic in the framework of the Barcelona Digital Talent initiative. It mainly aims to analyse the impact and growth of the digital talent gap, digital trends and the priority axes for action that we promote to attract more quality talent to our ecosystem.

The report shows how Catalonia approaches 100.000 digital professionals in 2021, which represents an annual increase of 12%. The availability of these profiles has increased in all the Catalan regions, although Barcelona accounts for 95% of all digital talent in Catalonia and 97% of job offers. In 2021, 9,400 new digital professionals entered the labour market in Barcelona, 40% more than those added in 2020.

The demand for digital talent grew by 43% over the previous year. In 2021, more than 24,600 digital job offers, a figure that exceeds the demand in 2019. This rapid sector recovery contrasts with the demand for employment in all sectors, which is still far from the prepandemic figures.

Regarding new modes of ICT employment, there are new roles such as telework and staff on-demand. ICT job vacancies in teleworking mode have risen from 4% in January 2020 to 14% by the
end of 2021 in economies such as the Spanish. Among the cities analysed, Warsaw (21.4%) and Berlin (19.0%) offer the most remote work. Barcelona, with 14.4%, is slightly above the average.
“In this highly competitive labour market, we have a collective responsibility to work together to position Barcelona as a decision-making hub, capable of generating purposeful employment that adds value and allows us to attract and retain local and international talent. Diversity of culture, background, gender and experience is the engine of innovation. As companies, we have the great opportunity to reflect, through our internal culture, the spirit of the city itself: diverse, cosmopolitan and multicultural, incentives for the internationalisation of Barcelona's digital talent.”
Guillem Vila Palau, Director of Technology Centres at Ocado Technology
Remote job offers in European cities (%)
Digital Talent Overview 2022

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