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Taking control of your (digital) career path


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Not too long ago, the average person would spend their entire career in one or two companies. The average person today will stay in each job for about four years, which means they will work twenty different jobs throughout their lifetime.


Defining a career vision, identifying the right kind of goals, and bringing that vision to life will help you adapt to the new digital reality and better navigate change. It’s time to take control of your career. Here are five steps to do so:


1. Identify your aims and make a plan. First, have a clear vision of what your goals are. Then, compose a plan to accomplish them. It can be a long-term plan (over five years) or a much shorter one (twelve months). The point is having a route and a finish line in mind. That said, prepare yourself to be flexible with that plan because, you know, life happens.


2. Find a mentor. Someone who has experience in the same path as yours. They will guide you through the road of success and give advice for difficult situations.


3. Build strong relationships. A solid network will help you in taking your career to another level. Either people internal to the company you work in or external contacts. They are the ones who might provide you with necessary recommendations and referrals. The stronger your network is, the more options you will have along your path.


4. Find out what skills you need to succeed. This is something your mentor and key stakeholders can help you with. Determine also what training or course works you may need to get them. Look for the experiences you need to come across and take the necessary steps to be taken.


5. Stand out from the crowd. Having full control of your career means you get ahead of the competition. To do this, you must perform beyond expectations, face the difficult and sometimes place yourself outside your comfort zone. By outshining in complicated roles and consistently performing beyond potentials, you will stand out from rest.


(Bonus track) Accept change. Do not reject alterations to the set plan. If you feel dreaded by menial work, try to analyses    what excites you and go after it. Take the challenge as another goal to be fulfilled.


If you exercise these steps, you’ll take the reins of your career and be much closer to achieve the maximum height of success throughout it.