Work in Barcelona

The digital ecosystem in Barcelona includes 1,197 tech startups, and it is recognized as one of the leading cities in innovation. Learn about the professional opportunities and lifestyle in Barcelona and become part of the city’s digital ecosystem.

Barcelona, a great city to live in


Barcelona is one of the top 15 safest cities in the world.

Attractive for talent

Barcelona is ranked 20th in the world of the most attractive cities for talent.

An example of integration and openness

Barcelona is a city of sports and solidarity. Citizens have taken to the streets to ask that people from all over the world dreaming of a better life be welcomed.


Barcelona is one of the ten most appealing cities in the world for launching a digital business.

UNESCO Heritage Site

Barcelona has nine of the buildings recognized as Human Heritage Sites by UNESCO, including seven Gaudí buildings, the “Palau de la Música,” and the “Hospital de la Creu i Sant Pau.”

An example of climate change activism

One thousand entities have signed the “Barcelona Commitment for the Climate”.

Barcelona, a great city to work in

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