BI Consultor

As a Business Intelligence Consultant, you analyze, compare, and cross data from various sources, both internal and external, to drive business growth.

In this process, you should be aware of the different origins of the data of the system. This includes their life cycle as well as the policies associated with each of them. From the customers, suppliers, and products to orders, deliveries, sales, collections, and payments to help take business intelligence systems to the next level.

You can transform the data collected into insights and help predict the future of the organizations' operations, and scenarios that drive the business value.

Solve problems by

  • Analyzing, designing, and building dashboards and corporate data models
  • Designing systems for extracting data
  • Designing and modifying analytic systems for generating user reports
  • Establishing mechanisms for management and protection of data
  • Train your skills

  • Data management systems (SQL, NoSQL, etc.)
  • ETL market systems (Talend, ODI…)
  • Corporate data modeling and management
  • Encryption and security of data
  • Companies looking for digital talent