Cloud Developer

A Cloud Developer focuses on developing cloud components and serverless functions for organizations. The principal function for a Cloud Developer is the development scripts and business processes, continually looking to take advantage of cloud functionalities to automate the process for configuration and deployment.

As a Cloud Developer, recognizing the capacities of the cloud, as well as network elements and connectivity (e.g. firewalls, WAF, routing and security, and segmentation) is critical. The Cloud Developer is responsible for monitoring processes and assessing the resources consumed in the process for auto-scaling and deployment of dynamic components.

One of the aspects of cloud development is testing the automatization of processes to guarantee the quality of the software.

Solve problems by

  • Choosing cloud resources and creating scripts for deployment and automatic configuration.
  • Monitoring administrative process and handling operations of resourcesthrough scripts and code.
  • Continuous integration of code; developing, refining, and deploying
  • Gaining new knowledge in Cloud Native architecture (e.g. 12 factor apps)
  • Train your skills

  • Java, JavaScript, .NET, Shellscript, SQL, and other programming languages.
  • Serverless functions for Lambda, Azure, PaaS configuration, and more.
  • Construction and deployment processes through Maven, .NET, Jenkins, Nexus, Git.
  • Infrastructure configuration
  • Integration in static systems testing (Sonar), as well as functional, unitary, and performance testing.
  • Skills with scripts and cloud configuration (AWS, Azure)
  • Companies looking for digital talent