Dynamics Developer

The Dynamics Developer empowers businesses by building quality customer relationships. They strengthen sales, marketing, and services in alignment with the organization’s core objectives.

This includes optimizing CRM and ERP systems as well developing .NET components. As a Dynamics Developer, you will focus on the development of corporate applications and business processes, as well as familiarity with authentication and authorization systems.

A Dynamics Developer must be familiar with the development of user interfaces, workflows, application integration, processes for user authentication and authorization, and data protection. The ideal candidate possesses expertise in business processes and is capable of modifying components to personalize and fit the needs of the business.

Solve problems by

  • Analyzing new requirements and expressing requirements through business processes and data models.
  • Designing, implementing, and testing business processes (CRM & ERP) overthe standards in Dynamics
  • Developing and configuration of integration processes
  • Deploying and configuration of software development
  • Supporting users and manage business data
  • Train your skills

  • Applications in Dynamics and its functions
  • How to model data and apply .NET processes
  • Improve capacity in Operating Systems, especially Windows and Cloud (Azure)
  • Build skills with systems integration (SOAP and API REST)
  • Deployment and configuration of modules and Windows security modeling (p.e., IIS, SQL; Active directory…)
  • Knowledge of O365 modules, Active Directory, PaaS from Azure
  • Companies looking for digital talent