Hyperledger Blockchain Developer

The Hyperledger Blockchain Developer is a long title, but this mainly refers to the development of internal elements in the blockchain, such as Smart Contracts. But it is not limited to this. Hyperledger Blockchain Developers also work in the development of integration to obtain events.

As a Hyperledger Blockchain Developer you will involved mainly in the development of script execution engines, conflict resolution systems, and consensus protocols. Responsibilities also include designing the distributed database that will be stored in the blockchain, as well as access and query protocols.

By defining internal elements, they also develop methods to store and access different tokens (e.g. colored coins) and how to display partial information according to the intended uses, allowing the encryption and privacy protocols of the stored data.

The Hyperledger Blockchain Developer focuses on the data model, access and certificates as well as the design of the access protocols and execution of Smart contracts.

Solve problems by

  • Developing models for blocks to store data
  • Protocols for defining Smart Contracts
  • Encryption and signing and issuing tokens
  • Developing protocols for establishing consensus
  • Designing and development of protocols for ensuring privacy of data
  • Train your skills

  • How to model bases for distributed data
  • Define protocols for encrypting and signing data
  • Develop scripts for Smart Contracts
  • Develop protocols for secure and verifiable access
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