Mobile Developer

The Mobile Developer is a true sensei. Not only are they proficient in creating apps for mobile devices, but also understand the operating systems and the programming languages that correspond to each platform, each with their UI paradigms.

This is where you come in. As a Mobile (cross-platform) Developer, you will be developing apps for mobile devices associated with connectivity and the different connections available. This includes security and data protection, from authentication, authorization, and security of user data to the norms and security of data protection.

Knowledge in application distribution systems provided by manufacturers, the push notification systems, and the access to the resources of the terminals (Sound, Video, GPS, Bluetooth, storage, camera) are essential.

Solve problems by

  • Designing application interfaces and logic of the application
  • Developing code in applications and testing
  • Modifying configurations and creations of distributable application packages
  • Designing and developing secure online services
  • Train your skills

  • Programming languages including Java, JavaScript, Angular, C#
  • Configuration and use of frameworks (PhoneGap, Xamarin, Ionic)
  • HTML, CSS, SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Authentication protocols (OpenID, OAuth) interfaces, web services, REST API and encrypted systems.
  • Deployment of mobile applications, push notifications
  • Functions of mobile devices (camera, Bluetooth, GPS…)
  • Companies looking for digital talent