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Our favorite podcasts and talks discussing the future of work


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The future of work raises a lot of questions. What skills do need? Where will we work? What will our work schedules be like? And what will the office of the future be like? Wondering about how we will work is simply another way of asking how we will live. We’ve gathered together five significant podcasts about the future of work.


 The Future of Work (special 100th episode) 21st Century Work Life 


Host Pilar Orti pulls together brief clips and quotations from past guests to assemble a view on the future of work: practical work, collaboration, flexibility, technological advances, and more.


The Work Life Hub: Denis Pennel


In this episode, Agnes Uhereczky interviews the author of The Ego Revolution at Work to address topics such as the transformation of modern workplaces, the diffuse changes in professional relationships, the increasing de-standardization of contracts, etc.


Future of Work: My Co-Worker Is a Bot


Jacob Morgan talks with Mihir Shukla, CEO of Automation Anywhere, on how robotic process and automation will transform the nature of work.


A16z: Open vs Closed, Alpha Cities, and the Industries of the Future


In this episode, Alec Ross explains host Andreessen Horowitz why states and societies should embrace economic, political, and cultural openness if they want to have better chances at competing in the technology-driven future.


Work 2.0: Karen Harris


Karen Harris and host Vishal Kumar discuss critical trends that will play a significant role in shaping the future of work, workers and workplaces, shedding light into what could take away from those to ensure they stay relevant.


Listening to specialized podcast like the ones above will help you acquire meaningful knowledge on your sector and boost your career opportunities. Why don’t you start now?