Web Development – IT Academy

This course is addressed to anyone who is keen to work in programming (software). Either because they have decided to retrain in this sector or because they want to brush up their knowledge.

A frontend developer is the person who builds the user-visible part of a website. They work on the design, structure, colours, animations, effects, etc. At present you can choose between two specialisations. Angular or React.

A backend developer is the person who programmes the part of the website which the user does not see. In other words, they deal with all the features provided by the website and the databases that are linked to it. You can choose between two different back-end profiles:

– A Java pathway where you will learn Spring.

– A C# pathway where you will learn the entire .Net ecosystem (set of libraries used to create, among other things, the back-end of a web or application)

When you start the course, you will have to choose which of the three pathways you want to do. Once you have completed the course, and if you have gained the skills needed, Barcelona Activa will help you to take part in job search processes.

Course information

  • Number of places: Three hundred in 2020-2021

  • Course start date: there is no start or end date. The course starts when the learner begins their pathway.

  • The course is designed for people who are highly motivated by technology, self-taught and eager to upskill in the ICT industry.

How to access the platform?

  • Have a DNI or NIE
  • High motivation for programming and the ICT industry