Data Scientist Master
Programme developed to train learners to become data scientists. Its 4 modules cover everything that needs to be known about data (data analysis, descriptive statistics, predictive models, etc.), machine learning (Python, data mining, etc.), visualisation and advanced algorithms.
  • Know how to program.
  • If you don’t know yet, you will be trained before starting the Bootcamp for free.
Professional opportunities
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
Language: Spanish
Price: Unspecified
Modality: Online
Training type: Unofficial
Lesson times: Monday to Friday
Duration: 120 hours
About the school:

DataHack is a Big Data & Analytics school with offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Bilbao that offers masters, bootcamps and courses and also develops its own innovative projects.

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