Low-Code Analysis
New paradigm in software development


This report has been promoted by Mobile World Capital and NTT DATA in the framework of the Barcelona Digital Talent alliance. It aims to show the impact that Low-Code platforms, also known as low-code application development platforms, have and will have on society and how this technological concept could be taken advantage of to solve one of today’s biggest challenges is the lack of digital talent.

Low-Code technologies minimise or eliminate the manual coding required to develop and deploy software applications, reducing the investment in time and/or cost and simplifying the training required by the teams in charge of creating, evolving or maintaining such applications. In the current context, they represent a new technological paradigm set to revolutionise the field of ICT development.

The high demand for technology and the lack of specialised talent promoted the Low-Code consolidation. Digitalisation has become one of the main levers for competitiveness in the fourth industrial revolution. In fact, it is expected that in the period 2018-2023, it will be Five hundred million new applications will need to be created globally, which would exceed the number of applications generated in the last 40 years.
"Low-Code accelerates the digitisation of companies while developing their digital prowess."
Luis Alfonso Navarrete, CIO at Agbar
Evolution of the demand for Low-Code profiles in selected European countries
Low-Code Analysis

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