Security Engineer

A security engineer is a technical expert. They are responsible for establishing protection systems against threats to the company and defines the response processes for each risk. Security engineers create security infrastructure to thwart unwanted intrusions while installing, configuring and troubleshooting firewalls to safeguard against potential attacks.

A security engineer identities possible vulnerabilities, both internal and external systems. With vast knowledge about communication systems that guarantee the organization to be able to access internet resources as well as offer their services through the internet. As a security engineer, you will be working with IT engineers to establish control measures and access guarantee.

Solve problems by

  • Designing, building, and administering the architecture of securityand traffic segmentation.
  • Configuring segmentation tools like firewalls, proxies, authenticationsystems, login systems and access authorization.
  • Searching for vulnerabilities through systems analysis
  • Train your skills

  • Expertise in elements of communication
  • Security firewall systems, proxies, static as well as dynamic testing
  • How to manage authentication systems
  • Architecture and web and email applications
  • Configure and manage operating systems
  • Companies looking for digital talent