Digital Talent Overview 2020
We analyse the status of digital talent


Barcelona has gained ground as a pole of digital talent, with more than 77,000 professionals working in the tech ecosystems, 9,600 people more than last year. The increase in the number of graduates in the past year, the attraction of professionals from other economies and the diversity in the type of companies seeking digital profiles with more competitive salaries have helped position the city as a hub of digital talent.

In fact, 31% of digital professionals working in Barcelona come from other cities, specifically from Madrid, London and Buenos Aires. Nonetheless, Barcelona still faces the challenge of the digital talent gap. In the past two years, the demand for digital professionals has risen 80%, while the supply of available professionals has only grown 23%.
“It is important to bear in mind that the future profiles will be those that are evolving towards the emerging technologies that we see today, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Yate applied to businesses as a merger between the physical and digital worlds”.
Xavier Rovira, Partner at Everis
% of professionals in the most in-demand areas of digital knowledge, 2019
Digital Talent Overview 2020