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Your willingness to learn will make you thrive


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Changes in technology are fast and steady. In this constantly shifting reality, the knowledge you have is never enough—there is always more to know. Desire and willingness to learn is crucial for surviving, improving and achieving any kind of success in your career. It means that you want to be more qualified and up to date with changes and tendencies.


Willingness to learn is one of the most valuable skills required by companies nowadays. Employers don’t expect applicants to match every single technical skill listed in a job vacancythey want them to be curious and keen enough to want to learn these skills and progress over time.


Let’s see some tips that will help you sharpen your willingness to learn:


  • Meet inspiring people. It is essential to surround yourself with high-intelligent people and being able to learn from them.


  • Be open to taking advice. Search for people who are competent in the area you want to develop and ask for their opinions. Then, listen carefully.


  • Read stories of successful people. You can learn a lot from their experience. It is so motivating to read about those who went on to achieve wonders.


  • Don’t be scared of failure. There are many people that learn a lot, then fail, then get scared and then stop learning. That’s a mistake. Look at the failure as a way to learn more new things. Turn it into motivation to go on, not a reason to give up.


  • Find out what your weaknesses are. List down all your weaknesses and think about ways to resolve them.


Once you’ve honed your willingness to learn, put it on your resume and show it in job interviews. Tell employers you’re happy to train and upskill; give examples of previous training; show an understanding of the training that you need; talk about your five-year plan to progress.


People hiring are looking for quick learners who can easily adapt to the company’s culture and needs; find ways to talk about how keen you are to learn new skills.


In today’s digital environment, workers don’t have to endlessly press the same bottom and handle the same machine during their whole working live anymore. Changes happen every day, and constant learning is crucial to keep up with the newest technologies and processes. Make sure you are always up to date.